Looking for a safe and effective solution to eliminate pet odors, maintain a clean home, and ensure your pet's dental health? Discover the extensive range of pet safe cleaning products by Lively that are designed specifically to address these needs. We understand that the products we use in our homes can impact the well-being of our entire family, including our beloved pets. That's why our pet collection is carefully crafted to cater to the needs of your furry friends, utilizing the power of probiotics to remove odors and provide thorough cleaning.
Probiotics offer a remarkable alternative to harsh chemicals, as they clean without posing any dangers or irritations. These living microorganisms work by eliminating harmful bacteria while preserving the beneficial bacteria in your home. Unlike conventional chemical-laden cleaners that wipe out 99% of bacteria, including the beneficial ones, probiotics act quickly and continue to work long after application. These pet safe cleaning products eliminate dirt, odors, and harmful bacteria, ensuring a cleaner environment for your pets and a longer-lasting freshness.
At Lively, our pet collection comprises items that are safe for consumption and use around your furry companions. The Lively pet multi-surface stain and odor remover is specifically formulated to clean up after your pets, leaving your home smelling and looking great. Our pet deodorizing spray prevents unpleasant odors from lingering around your pet and can be used on bedding, litter boxes, pet crates, and more to keep them clean between washes. Additionally, the Lively probiotic pet breath & dental water additive promotes a healthy oral microbiome for your pet, resulting in fresher breath and reduced dental decay. Our pet care products are truly the safest and most effective way to maintain cleanliness and freshness for your home and furry friends.
Choose Lively to create a clean environment for your entire family. Explore our pet care collection and pet safe cleaning products today and experience the difference for yourself!