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Lively Pet Breath & Dental Health Water Additive

Lively Pet Breath & Dental Health Water Additive

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Our probiotic pet care product, Lively Pet Breath & Dental Health Water Additive, improves pet's breath and helps defend against plaque and tartar. Good bacteria—or probiotics—are living microorganisms that help eliminate dirt, odors, and bad bacteria at the microscopic level.

• Product formula is biodegradable and pH-neutral.
• Also helps to regulate and maintain a healthy digestive system.
• Safe around adults, kids and pets when used as directed.
• Made in USA with fully recyclable bottle and cap.

Product Details



Water, sodium laureth sulfate, probiotic bacteria.

Safe Use

Shake well. Add 1/8 teaspoon per 2 cups of water.

IMPORTANT: Change water and add new Lively additive daily.

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Product FAQs

Q: Does this product have any taste?

A:  We purposely did not add any scent or flavor to this product.  Since the product contains probiotics and other helpful ingredients it does have a little taste, but it is minor.

Q: Do I also need to brush my dog's teeth?

A:  The Lively Probiotic Pet Breath & Dental Health Water Additive works simply by following the directions on the label, so this product itself does not require teeth brushing. However, you should still brush your dog's teeth as part of their overall health routine; please consult your vet for teeth brushing recommendations.

Q: One product benefit listed is that this product also helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Is it ok to use this product if my pet already eats pet food with probiotics in it &/or also takes a probiotic supplement for pets?

A:  Yes, it is fine to use this pet care product in
addition to your existing use of probiotics in pet food &/or pet supplements.